Fred Perry Fan Club:
A place where many fans of Fred Perry's artwork gather and share thoughts, artwork, etc.
Bryans Art Site:
Bryans probably the person who's drawn Sabby the most!
Daniel and Enker Shrine:
A whole CRAPLOAD of artwork done of Daniel and Enker.. but i was first!
Space Coyote's site. Great artist, draws alot for Gally :)
GD Tangent:
Freds other art site, which he posts other comics and previews from the GD universe.
LimeyKats art site. Great artist that also does adult works. Great person for comissions when she is taking them.
Art of Ferd:
Thats Ferd, and not Fred :) A great artist and a fellow Canadian.

Pen Station:
John Barrett's site, a long running GD fan, as well as furry artist. I mean, who hasnt heard of Roxi!

Lady of Dragons:
Dragoness' site, looks to be currently under construction but, there is an archive of the older stuff.

Mazkats Deviant Art Site:
Seeing as he no longer updates his regular site, he posts all his current stuff here now.