Sabrina Ironforge was a character that came to me a LONG time ago, and has stayed and evolved with me over the years. She has become a primary RP character for me on the GD2K mush, but she originaly started off as part of a story I had written. As the story has progressed, i have ended up merging elements of the RP situations into the story itself.

Many of the images you will fine here could take place from either place, depending on usualy who drew them.

The Story:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
(This part is currently down.. the same crasht that took out this site, also took out my only copys of the story.. having to re-write from some OLD backups.. sigh..)

The Pictures:

These are the ones that I have drawn myself:

The very first ever picture I did of Sabrina.
Second Pic, in a not normal outfit for her.
Same picture, but colorfied by Gally
Arty, who appears early on in my fic, buging the crap out of Sabby as normal
Was going to be part of a group pic which never took off.
Same pic, but collored.
An unfished pic, didnt like how the face turned out but the pose was good.
Sabrina working in Gregors forge.
Nude sabrina picture to show of where all the tatoo's are.

These are ones are drawn by others as gifts:

Sabrina drawn by Da Man himself, Fred Perry
Sabrina drawn by Bryan, in all her nekid goodness!
This is a much softer looking Sabrina that normal, but still beautiful. By Bryan
A recent comission from LimeyKat, Sabrina waking up again, dreaming of her mother (inset in the locket)
A Jade group pic done by Space Coyote, and it included Sabby!
Sabrina butt! Drawn by Ryan Kainnard
Still one of my favorite Sabrina pics by Bryan, i love the curly hair.
Sabrina and Kayana at the beach. By Bryan
Same pic, alternate coloring. By Byran
A Q&D Pic of Sabrina and Brianna, done by Joyega
Artemis was one of the first people to draw Sabby for me.
An older pic done by Bryan, of Sabrina and Jist.
Arty bugging the crap out of Sabrina again, by Artemis
Sabrina in quite the exotic outfit, by Artemis

I won the MOB conetest one month (I swear by fluke), so they got to draw all my own character, so i chose Sabby!