Heather Johnston Photography

The most important thing about your wedding day, is YOU. We here at Heather Johnston Photography, want you to have all the pictures that you specificaly want of your special day, not necessarily what we think you should have.

We will sit down and consult with you, going over what specific photos that are on your must have list to be taken, any optional ones, and of course we will take others and candids as they come up. We will often ask for you to assign a 'helper', someone who knows most of the people on the lists, to help arange and get them together for each of the photographs as they come up.

All photographs are taken digitaly. This allows for easier editing and tweeking of photographs if necessary. Most packages include editing in their prices.

One thing that sets us apart from the other companies is the ownership of the photographs. In the end, oncw we are done, the photographs are 100% yours. We do not keep the 'negatives' for a year, making you come back to us for prints, etc. After all editing and adjusting has been done, you receive ALL of the photographs, edited photos as well as the originals, not just the ones we like. Photos are deliverd to you on a CD or DVD in digital format. This will then allow you to take them to wherever you would like to have them printed in whatever quantities you would wish.

Please CONTACT US for pricing and more information.

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