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If you are looking for your cheapest, bargin computer, unfortunately, Gecko Computers is not the right place for you. Although we will sit down with you and go through everything, and see if that bargin machine IS the right choice for you.

For many people, they will go out and buy just any machine, often just based on price, or its the one that the salesmen told them too. Its fine if someone tells you that its the right one, heck its the same thing we are selling to you, but the big thing is they have to explain to you WHY it is the right one for you. Thats where the big difference is.

When going to buy a computer, you need to take a number of things into account:

  • What your current computer needs are (what you need to run)
  • What your future computer needs might be (any future plans you want to do, without having to buy a whole new computer)
  • Budget

We will sit down with you, and go over everything, finding out all the details of current and future needs. From this, we will make an assessment, as to what we think would be the right comuter for you. It might be a big box store budget machine. Depending on what you wanted to do, you might actualy need specific components that do not come with those machines, and are hard to upgrade into them, and may cost you as much as the machine itself. This is where the Systems Design comes into play.

With your needs in mind, we go through and put together a plan for a machine, with specfic parts based on what your need were. You may say "Well i can get that biger hard drive on this big box model", which is true. But they may also be selling you a TV card and mulimedia features that you may not want or need.

This way, you can get exactly the machine that you want, without having to pay for all the not used extras. There is usualy another upside of buying a designed system. Big box models do not necessarily use cheap parts in them, but are not usualy the top of the line ones. When having a machine designed this way, you can be more specific on the brand of every part inside of the machine, making sure that you are getting higher quality parts.

In the end, keeping you informed as to why is the most important part, but in the end the decision is up to you.

All units come with a warranty through either the System or part manufaturer. This can range from anywhere from one year to 3 depending on the item. We will help you fufill any warranty claim, but we are not responsible for any lost data, or lost time due to system downtime.

This is probably the most important, and also the most overlooked part of the process, especialy for the home/small business users. The problems may not seem apparent in the bigining, but when a problem strikes, it ends up in a catastrophy due to the proper things not being set in place.

This process usualy goes in part with everything else. We will meet with you and discuss the business' needs, and come up with a total plan as to what is needed. They usualy cover the following areas.

  • Computer Systems - Could be one to many computers, and what specifications are needed in each
  • Connectivity - How the computers connect and interact to the internet and each other. Also includes what security should be needed.
  • Printers & Devices - What sort of printers should be needed for the type of volume, fax machines, multifunctions, etc
  • Backup, Storage, Data Retention - How the information is going to be stored and backed up

This final step is usualy the most overlooked of everything, and has led many business's to ruin for not having proper procedures in place. It is not something that many people think about initialy, untill disaster strikes like a hard drive failure, and 3 years worth of work and information is gone and next to impossible to recover. There are some recovery methods available, but range in the thousands of dollars, where a preventitive solution for a few hundred dollars could be all that it takes.

And of course the setup. Now that you got all this great equipment and are raring to go, most people will have no clue as to even where to start to get it all set up. We connect and set everything up for you, and give you training on how to use things such as the printers, backup procedures, etc. (Running things such as data cables through a building would have to be outsourced by yourself if needed)

Contingency is the other thing often overlooked. Having a warranty and having your backup to protect your data is great, but with any warranty service, it is almost never instantanious. It can take anywhere from 3 days to a few weeks sometimes for a warranty repair to finish. It is always good to have some form of a backup available. Weither this is a childs machine which will sufice for the short term, or your older machine that is being replaced just due to age. Same goes for a printer. If you are upgrading to a multifunction with fax, etc, dont just throw out the old one, keep it somewhere, just in case, then you have a backup and are still able to print in an emergency.

Weither for a basic system design, or a huge office setup, the initial basic consultation is always free, to get an idea of what you want and which direction to head in. From there we will draft up a plan, then meet with you and get to business.

To keep costs down, we do not carry parts in stock. This allows us to keep our labour costs down. We do have a small amounts of spare parts, please contact us to find out if we do have it.

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