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In this day and age, you want your money to go as far as it can. When you buy a computer, its an investment, and you want that investment to last as long as it can. Often many times when something goes wrong with a computer, it can still be fixed relitively inexpensively, rather than go out and just buy a new one.

There are many different options, depending on the situation at hand. Below are just an example of some of the services for Repairs and Upgrades that we offer.


Inevitably, most computers have to go through some form of repair before the time that they are replaced. Sometimes it is a software issue, sometimes it is a hardware issue.

We will sit down and diagnose what the problem with the system is, and from there descide on what the best course of action is.

If it is a hardware problem, we will discuss the repair options, obtain the part and replace it.

If it is a software problem, we will do our best to fix it via a few different means. Software problems are more difficult to fix, but not impossible. Many time, as a last resort, a system must fully be restored. This often will erase all information on the system, which many people do not want to do, hence why it is left as a last resort. We do provide a number of backup and recovery options to do as well if we end up having to restore the system.

Most repair jobs go on a flat rate labour fee of $30 / hour, due to the increased time often having to be spent on doing the repair.

We will discuss with you before doing anything at all to the system. As sometimes repair is not the best option for you. If the system needs a new hard drive, upgrade the ram, operating system re-installed, etc, it can draw very near to the cost of a new machine. It is not always worth putting alot of money into the older system.


Gecko computer does not stock or warehouse our own inventory. Doing so would cause all of our prices to go up. With the ever changing markets, technology changes so often, we want to be able to have the most up to date for you.
We will meet with you and discuss what you want to upgrade, and descide on the best course of action, what sort of hardware or software that you are looking for. From there we will obtain those items for the best price available from various sources.

Common upgrades include:

Computer running a little slow and slugish? If a tune up has already been done, installing more system RAM will speed up performance, time in opening programs and running multiple programs at once.

Need extra storage space? With many people having MP3 players today, there is a need for larger and larger storage space. We can replace the current hard drive with a larger one, add a secondary, and even externals are becoming more popular.

Have to play that newest video game, but it wont run! The video game industry just keeps growing, with amazing improvement in graphics, but this also means some hardware can't handle the new ch
anges. Often it is as simple as just upgrading to a newer video card which can handle the newer programming.

These are just some of the examples of some upgrades. Ontop of that, we can help consult you through purchacing of new printers, cameras, and other devices.

Labour charges will vary from job to job, starting at $20 and up.

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