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A website is something very small, and often overlooked marketing aspect especialy for businesses. Even for someone at home, its often overlooked. Most people are quite comfortable sending off and email, knowing that whoever they are emailing, weither right next door or on the other side of the world, they know that that person will get that information relitively quickly. It has literaly shrunk the world.

The same goes for a web page. It is something that will always be there. That anyone can access at any time and view the information contained within. Someone can be browsing at 3am in the morning, finding out all about your business and the services you offer, or your cousin in a different time zone can be looking at all the pictures from your big vacation this year.

Websites, like business's or familys, can varry greatly in size. The simplest being just something very small, just saying who you are, what you do, where you are located, and to contact you.
Getting a little bigger, you can start breaking off into sections that give more details about all the services that your company can preform. Or on the personal side, be a different area for different types of photos, different family member sections, etc.
From there, you can start to get into full fleged online business, your site listing in detail about all your products and services, and from there being able to order them online.

Below are some basic pricing guidelines for the different types of page. These are all just estimates and are in no way final values. We will meet with you to discuss what you want for the web page, and prices will be based on size, content, timeline, etc.

Basic Site Usualy consists of one to two pages only.
Contains company logo, and some other graphics pertaining to the business. Usualy has a descriptions about the business and their services, and full contact information.
Personal sites will usualy contain a bit about the person and some photographs. Sometimes used for an online resume, etc.
$150 +
Medium Site

Something a little more elaborate than a basic site.
Contains usualy 4 or more sub sections with more detailed graphics or information regarding their products or services. May contain a small amount of programming.
Personal sites will often contain alot of pictures about a special event or something similar.

Large + Site

This sort of site is usualy full blown. Many sections and sub sections pertaining different information. Often contains a fair bit more programming. Will often be more self suficient when programmed, that the user can log in and change product information or certain types of postings (news, etc), not having the web designer having to do every single change.
Personal sites are much the same, self sufficient sites where the user can upload images on their own and populate information free of the web designer.


Below are some of the web projects that we have worked on. (Some are internal websites, or they are not available anymore on the web, therefore not viewable.

Kraft Canada Various updates to the internal intratnet site. Worked on the 2000 redesign of the Kraft Kitchens section and worked on many of the recipie pages.
Tesma International Inc.
(a div. of Magna Inc)
Worked on various internal intranet updated. Main project was the start of a huge capital tracking appliation. Worked with a 22 table relational database, included security and authentication through LDAP, multi expanding tables on the web page.
RDJ Planning Consultants Full design and layout of the web page. Included company information, project information and pictures, etc.
(No longer available due to death of owner - partial site via wayback archive)
A.C.Brawn and Assoc. Worked on some initial web design layouts and graphics.
Fred Perry Fan Club Full design and programing. Fully customized database built for user information as well as for all message posting and replys. Restricted editing for regular users, full access to all posts by admin.
(Fan club disolved and site taken down - partial site available via wayback archive)
Heather Johnston Photography Work in Progress
Photographers photo site, using a photo module for easy viewing/transitions.
GDkitty's Art Site
An art sites hosted by us. It is based around a very simple module we created for that sort of site. Allows the person who created the art to be easily able to upload the picture, descide the catagory it goes into, descriptions, etc, and then just press a button. The pages themselves do all the work for listing and posting the images, making it so that the uploader then does not have to do any HTML work to actualy post their images. (similar to have Deviantart, etc works)


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